Black and Brown Belt Course 8th Oct 2017

First of all apologies for the late arrival but I have to say it isn’t my fault but Ken Lyons’. Having successfully achieved 3rd dan recently, rewarded himself with a cruise on the Med. The result of which he didn’t attend the B/B course and I didn’t get a photo dump reminder on Monday.

Last weekends Black and Brown belt course at the Priory Sports centre was a thoroughly enjoyable event for all that attended. Myself and Sensei Brian Smith took the class focussing on kata, the bunkai and plenty of basics for those in need of a refresher.

Congratulations to Emma Haw (Sho dan – Crofton dojo) and Mike Stilgoe (Ni dan Bembridge dojo) on persevering and passing their grading examinations.


And don’t forget the Portsmouth Open Karate Tournament details below and the next SEKU course will tell you how you can win.




Portsmouth Open 2017


Sensei Mick Dewey 8th dan

As November gets ever closer the time has come to get your individual and club entriesfor the 47th Portsmouth Open Karate Tournament.

Be a part of this historical competition and finish 2017 on a high. Categories for all including Pee Wee, Juniors, Ladies, young men and girls and Men. Kata, kumite as individual and team entries. If you don’t enter you can always come along watch and support your local club.





SEKU Instructor Class, round up and presentations.

The Shotokan Of England Karate Union Instructor Class
Sunday 10th September – Portsmouth

Instruction was by Sensei’s Mick Dewey (8th Dan), Brian Smith (7th Dan) and Stacey Crowe (6th Dan)., according to Ken Lyons’ Facebook post, “it don’t get much better than that.” Thanks Ken.

Paul Moreby was given the task of putting the class members through the initial warm up session. Today was Paul ‘s 71st birthday and it shows the measure of the mans character that he is still training alongside karateka more than a third of his age.  Stacey Crowe then put the class through a gruelling hour , a routine of various stances that included Zenkutsu, Kokutsu, Kiba Dachi, Niko Ashi Dachi and finally Sochin Dachi. Arm techniques were added and finally kicks too. All in all it amounted to a long technically challenging stance-kick-punch, block, strike combination.

Cleverly the stances led the continuing class into the kata Wankan (pronounced ‘one can’ for the benefit of the more mischievous members) in which all said stances appear. Brian Smith provided a fine demonstration of how this kata should be performed and for the next hour our so left the class in no doubt how it should be done putting members through the sequences and timing and rhythm etc. Obviously as with any SEKU Kata covered in such a class some appropriate Bunkai was shown and practiced. The rest is as always up to the individual to create through innovation.

The final class was given over to Sensei Dewey who gave the class a punching routine then asked members the class members to show the prowess of their techniques. he asked them to demonstrate their intent whilst executing a move and its effect – he then demonstrated the attitude needed and its acuracy to target. The conclusion being that attitude played an important part into the effect of a technique as did the need for the use of makiwara.

It was a good class at the end of which there were a number of presentations. Jim King Bembridge SKC was presented with his 1st Dan Diplom


a earned at the last SEKU Black & Brown Belt class. Eden Burrell was presented with a glass vase and engraved plaque for her steadfast attitude to training and dedication to SEKU. Finally it was announced by Sensei that Ken Lyons (Uxbridge Machi Dojo) was to be promoted to 3rd Dan.

Well done and thank you all that made the journey and attended. I look forward to seeing you at the next course and naturally at Novembers Portsmouth Open Tournament.



Ken Lyons attained Sandan (3rd Dan).
Eden Burrell received an award for her loyal support to SEKU over many years.
Adam King from Bembridge KC awarded 1st Dan.






Focus on Kata Class 20 August

Firstly I have to express my gratitude to Sensei Brian Smith 7th dan for leading on last weekends Focus on Kata Class. I enjoyed being there and seeing all those that attended and thank each and everyone of you for that. It is lifting to see such support for SEKU, such dedication to training and willingness to give up your weekend for our art. Oss.

The class took place at the club at Bay House Sports Hall, Stokes Bay in Gosport, dojo of Sensei Richard Lansdale. A different venue for a change but still near Sensei Alan Lewis’ Crofton dojo the birthplace of the focus on Kata class, (or kata focus class as those that emulate us call it).

Ken Lyons 2nd dan, summed the day up on his Facebook page for Machi Dojo quite simply: “A brilliant and spirited session with Sensei Brian Smith. Utterly Brilliant!”

Sensei Smith concentrated on all 5 heian kata’s including bunkai which was great to see especially for those that rarely dip into these waters as instructors never mind junior students. Photos below of the session if your face isn’t among them either next time  attend a course!



Maureen’s farewell.

Last Thursday my wife Maureen had a lovely send off in Havant. She left our house in Widley and had a beautiful final drive through the Hampshire countryside.

On arrival I was absolutely stunned by the amount of people who turned up to share and support me and my family at this time. For that I will be eternally grateful to each and every one of you. Your kind words, hugs, kisses and thoughts truly did her memory honour and helped me when I needed it most.

The ceremony was a lovely way to celebrate her life. I have especially thank Dave Hazard & Frankie Hatton for their thoughts and words delivered brilliantly and thoughtfully. Full of the joy and laughter that was Maureen’s life as well as the tributes she deserved. I must also thank Big Johnny Elk (‘Elkie’) for his rendition of of “I’ll See You In My Dreams” a favourite song that Maureen and I enjoyed when we last saw Joe Brown in concert, it is a lasting memory sung by one of my oldest friends and a most talented man.

I hope I managed to speak to everyone that was there and followed up at the wake down the Broad Oak. It was a truly emotional day for us all and in honesty it still continues to be so but I am fine and well supported by my family.

Thank you, each and every one, you all made it a truly beautiful day for Maureen. She would be happy to have seen you all  I know.

Mick Dewey

The ‘Lovely’ Maureen Dewey

Maureen …

I am very sad to have to announce that Sensei’s wife Maureen passed away due to a long illness on the 24th July 2017.

Maureen Dewey (nee O’Donnell)  (Mornie to her friends) was born on the 1st June 1947. She was the first of the Dewey family to don a ‘Gi’ and introduced Mick to karate in 1967, their life was to be dominated by it. Maureen was a regular at Portsmouth KC for many years. IMG-20170725-WA0001She taught the children’s class until she had children of her own and that meant a change of course for her ultimately. She often attended KUGB seminars at Crystal Palace with Mick when part of the KUGB; training with many of the world renowned Japanese Instructors from that era. She was from day one the organiser for the Shotokan of England Karate Union when it was formed in 1982. Once she stopped training herself she didn’t sit back, she was at every SEKU competition doing the registration and daily admin from paper clips to teas, sandwiches and running her own martial arts outlet Makoto. As the Administration Officer she had a hand in organising the competitions as well, checking all the entries and with that brain of hers knowing instantly if there was a problem with an entry. That means 46 years of the Portsmouth Open and 37 years of the SEKU Championships! She was the SEKU Licensing Officer to the end and could tell you to the day when your license expired and give you a reminder if you didn’t renew on time.

Privately she rarely spoke about her time in a gi. Those that trained with her say she was an excellent karateka and it was just timing that stopped her taking her Dan grade. In those days it happened on seminar at Crystal Palace after a course of several days, impossible for a mother of two. Her home and her hospitality was legend amongst us all

IMG-20170725-WA0000and some of the best karateka around have sat at her table to eat, drink and wake up with a hangover the next day. Many a SEKU squad had a party at her house before leaving for competitions and all speak fondly and highly of her and her eternal support for them. She was always available for anyone whether it was a shoulder for a problem, a question about SEKU/Karate or running the diary for Mick.

Her infectious laugh made everyone smile and her enthusiasm for life and its experiences saw her regularly travel abroad for pleasure to places like Vietnam, Hong Kong and China amongst many others.

The last few years Maureen had suffered ill health but rarely complained getting around as best she could. Her last public outing was at the SEKU championships in March as usual doing registrations.

May She Rest In Peace


Black & Brown Belt Course July 2017

The sun has been shining for a few days and we could tell in the Priory Sports Hall as a full compliment of attendee’s combined with the heat and a lack of ventilation made for sweaty people during the course yesterday (Sunday).

As usual Beryl was gate keeper ensuring licenses were up to date & stamped and she was busy. As were myself and Sensei Brian Smith, we were instructing. It was a pleasure seeing those that travelled wider than we did, Jason Hollister, Mike Grimwood and Ben from Saltash dojo. We also had from Salisbury pop along for the first time as Eden Burrell trains there she had extended an invite.

The bulk of the training once we’d gotten underway was centred around Kata Enpi. The ‘Flying Swallow’ is one of our oldest kata it’s previous name being Wanshu for those that really enjoy our history. For an even bigger cheer I’ll let you know it was first seen around 1683 in Okinawa it’s name was changed to Enpi by Funakoshi when he moved to the mainland in the 1920’s. Having run through the moves slowly building up to the full completion of the kata we then spent some time on application which all students like and have ideas about. For me it fosters more thought about your personal karate and helps with the line on the diploma that read’s “We expect more development…”

The final hour of training was undertaken by Brian Smith concentrating on Kihon Ippon and later Ju Ippon kumite. Plenty of sweating, flying bodies and punching to be had as you can see from the photo’s.

Finally  the grading, was held and I’d like to congratulate James King from Bembridge dojo and Andy Skerry from Crofton dojo who both successfully completed their Shodan. Well done to them.

All done and dusted we left tired but I hope happy and I look forward to seeing you all on the next B&B course in October.





SEKU Instructor Class 11th June 2017


SEKU Club Instructors met at the Priory Community Sports Centre Sunday 11th June 2017. Theme for the class was Kihon Ippon Kumite and the first two sessions were dedicated to reiterating the format. Emphasis was placed on the importance of the ceremony at the start and finish of the exercise and the display of mutual respect between the two participants. Importance of technique, distancing, angles (Tai Sabaki) ceremony before and after the completion of Ippon Kumite.

The enthusiasm during training was apparent and there was a lot of time given over to discussion. The second part of the class was for the practise of Kata and it was Sensei Brian Smith who taught Kata Jitte.

Eden Burrell had applied to test for 4th Dan Grade and at regular periods during the class she was called upon to demonstrate the particular sequence we were practicing at the time. Thanks to Claire Lacey for partnering Eden for both Kihon-Ippon and Jiyu-Ippon Kumite and to Stacey Crowe for testing Eden with some hard fought Randori.

Eden’s grading examination was successful, it is well deserved and she should be proud of herself, she is always out there training whenever & wherever she can and supports all courses that she can get to. Her success was announced at the end of the class, there followed a long drawn out ovation from class members.  Eden has also emerged as a fine International competition Referee Learning what she can from whoever she can. Eden is well respected by all SEKU members as well as all Karate circles.

See you if not at the Focus on Kata class on the 18th June then on the Black & Brown belt course 9th July or even the next Instructor class on the 10th September.

Congratulations to Eden Burrell for attaining her 4th dan well deserved and thank you for taking the class through it’s paces with Tekki Sandan.

Thanks to Ken Lyons for the usual photo.



Next SEKU Event

Royal Navy Championships 2017 – HMS Temeraire, Portsmouth.

After the great weekend training course at the Bridport Leisure Centre we now have a few weeks rest before our next event. Having said that I had the pleasure of attending the Royal Navy Annual Martial Arts Championships Wednesday 24th May. My involvement and interest is that our own Squad Coach Steve Hollister is also the Coach to the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Karate Team, sadly due to a family commitment Steve was unable to be in attendance at this but I was able to report directly back to him as the day progressed. Unfortunately the day was marred and attendance depleted due to the Manchester bombing, the consequence being the deployment of the armed forces to the streets and major events throughout the country. There was also a lock-down at the bases and ships as the national security code was raised throughout the country and many Navy Martial Arts Practitioners were unable to be there.

Martial Arts involved in this annual event are Tae Kwondo, Kendo and Karate although as stated attendance was low from all disciplines. Fortunately for us SEKU Team member Steve ‘Gibbo’ Gibbons was able to be there and gave his usual top class performance winning both Individual Kata & Kumite events. Due the lack of competitors Tournament organiser Al Curtin, after discussion decided on a crossover event between Karate/Tae-Kwondo Steve Gibbons took this event too.  (in fairness though the few TKD competitors were all low Grades and were very sporting to agree to a Dan grade entering their event)

We have two events coming up – SEKU Instructor Class Sunday 11th June & Focus on Kata Class the following weekend 18th June – both events will be held at Priory School, Fawcett Road, Southsea.







Great Training Course in Bridport

 Training began 11.30am Saturday morning after checking in at the door the class began with basic combinations and continued for the next hour. For the second class Tekki-Sandan practised and was the chosen Kata for the weekend. A fairly advanced Kata which most senior members were familiar with although some junior members had not practised it before. For the last class of the day Sensei Steve Hollister put us through kumite drills, techniques and movement to help in the competition arena. As usual Steve delivered a very interesting and practical class.

The weather was kind to us and Saturday ended with a beach barbecue with copious amounts of food and drinks to be had, so much so that passers-by were invited to join in. Sensie Alan Lewis provided the entertainment with his famous harmonica playing, he was accompanied by Andy Skerry’s wife Jill who gave a fine performance on the spoons.

Sensie Brian Smith arrived for the second day and following a warm-up he conducted a session on basic punch oi-tsuki this gave class members something to think about. Tekki-Sandan was revisited with some practical applications and scenarios applied with a little fun included. The final class of the weekend was once more given over to Sensie Steve Hollister who covered a similar class to the previous day but this time using punch & kick bags to bring a little reality into practise.

It was a fine weekend that I hope everyone enjoyed. Trophy winners for best trainers on the course were for the juniors – David Boszir an 8 year old white belt from the Portsmouth Club who trained diligently throughout and for the adults – the inspirational Eden Burrell originally from Plymouth but now training at Salisbury KC.  Congratulations also go to Crofton KC member Ian Linford who was successful in his grading examination and attained the rank of 2nd Dan. Thanks also to Eden for acting as course secretary in the absence of Hannah Hollister who was unable to commit this year.

A great weekend and I Look forward to seeing you all next year.