Great Training Course in Bridport

 Training began 11.30am Saturday morning after checking in at the door the class began with basic combinations and continued for the next hour. For the second class Tekki-Sandan practised and was the chosen Kata for the weekend. A fairly advanced Kata which most senior members were familiar with although some junior members had not practised it before. For the last class of the day Sensei Steve Hollister put us through kumite drills, techniques and movement to help in the competition arena. As usual Steve delivered a very interesting and practical class.

The weather was kind to us and Saturday ended with a beach barbecue with copious amounts of food and drinks to be had, so much so that passers-by were invited to join in. Sensie Alan Lewis provided the entertainment with his famous harmonica playing, he was accompanied by Andy Skerry’s wife Jill who gave a fine performance on the spoons.

Sensie Brian Smith arrived for the second day and following a warm-up he conducted a session on basic punch oi-tsuki this gave class members something to think about. Tekki-Sandan was revisited with some practical applications and scenarios applied with a little fun included. The final class of the weekend was once more given over to Sensie Steve Hollister who covered a similar class to the previous day but this time using punch & kick bags to bring a little reality into practise.

It was a fine weekend that I hope everyone enjoyed. Trophy winners for best trainers on the course were for the juniors – David Boszir an 8 year old white belt from the Portsmouth Club who trained diligently throughout and for the adults – the inspirational Eden Burrell originally from Plymouth but now training at Salisbury KC.  Congratulations also go to Crofton KC member Ian Linford who was successful in his grading examination and attained the rank of 2nd Dan. Thanks also to Eden for acting as course secretary in the absence of Hannah Hollister who was unable to commit this year.

A great weekend and I Look forward to seeing you all next year.




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