Next SEKU Event

Royal Navy Championships 2017 – HMS Temeraire, Portsmouth.

After the great weekend training course at the Bridport Leisure Centre we now have a few weeks rest before our next event. Having said that I had the pleasure of attending the Royal Navy Annual Martial Arts Championships Wednesday 24th May. My involvement and interest is that our own Squad Coach Steve Hollister is also the Coach to the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Karate Team, sadly due to a family commitment Steve was unable to be in attendance at this but I was able to report directly back to him as the day progressed. Unfortunately the day was marred and attendance depleted due to the Manchester bombing, the consequence being the deployment of the armed forces to the streets and major events throughout the country. There was also a lock-down at the bases and ships as the national security code was raised throughout the country and many Navy Martial Arts Practitioners were unable to be there.

Martial Arts involved in this annual event are Tae Kwondo, Kendo and Karate although as stated attendance was low from all disciplines. Fortunately for us SEKU Team member Steve ‘Gibbo’ Gibbons was able to be there and gave his usual top class performance winning both Individual Kata & Kumite events. Due the lack of competitors Tournament organiser Al Curtin, after discussion decided on a crossover event between Karate/Tae-Kwondo Steve Gibbons took this event too.  (in fairness though the few TKD competitors were all low Grades and were very sporting to agree to a Dan grade entering their event)

We have two events coming up – SEKU Instructor Class Sunday 11th June & Focus on Kata Class the following weekend 18th June – both events will be held at Priory School, Fawcett Road, Southsea.








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