SEKU Instructor Class 11th June 2017


SEKU Club Instructors met at the Priory Community Sports Centre Sunday 11th June 2017. Theme for the class was Kihon Ippon Kumite and the first two sessions were dedicated to reiterating the format. Emphasis was placed on the importance of the ceremony at the start and finish of the exercise and the display of mutual respect between the two participants. Importance of technique, distancing, angles (Tai Sabaki) ceremony before and after the completion of Ippon Kumite.

The enthusiasm during training was apparent and there was a lot of time given over to discussion. The second part of the class was for the practise of Kata and it was Sensei Brian Smith who taught Kata Jitte.

Eden Burrell had applied to test for 4th Dan Grade and at regular periods during the class she was called upon to demonstrate the particular sequence we were practicing at the time. Thanks to Claire Lacey for partnering Eden for both Kihon-Ippon and Jiyu-Ippon Kumite and to Stacey Crowe for testing Eden with some hard fought Randori.

Eden’s grading examination was successful, it is well deserved and she should be proud of herself, she is always out there training whenever & wherever she can and supports all courses that she can get to. Her success was announced at the end of the class, there followed a long drawn out ovation from class members.  Eden has also emerged as a fine International competition Referee Learning what she can from whoever she can. Eden is well respected by all SEKU members as well as all Karate circles.

See you if not at the Focus on Kata class on the 18th June then on the Black & Brown belt course 9th July or even the next Instructor class on the 10th September.

Congratulations to Eden Burrell for attaining her 4th dan well deserved and thank you for taking the class through it’s paces with Tekki Sandan.

Thanks to Ken Lyons for the usual photo.




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