Black & Brown Belt Course July 2017

The sun has been shining for a few days and we could tell in the Priory Sports Hall as a full compliment of attendee’s combined with the heat and a lack of ventilation made for sweaty people during the course yesterday (Sunday).

As usual Beryl was gate keeper ensuring licenses were up to date & stamped and she was busy. As were myself and Sensei Brian Smith, we were instructing. It was a pleasure seeing those that travelled wider than we did, Jason Hollister, Mike Grimwood and Ben from Saltash dojo. We also had from Salisbury pop along for the first time as Eden Burrell trains there she had extended an invite.

The bulk of the training once we’d gotten underway was centred around Kata Enpi. The ‘Flying Swallow’ is one of our oldest kata it’s previous name being Wanshu for those that really enjoy our history. For an even bigger cheer I’ll let you know it was first seen around 1683 in Okinawa it’s name was changed to Enpi by Funakoshi when he moved to the mainland in the 1920’s. Having run through the moves slowly building up to the full completion of the kata we then spent some time on application which all students like and have ideas about. For me it fosters more thought about your personal karate and helps with the line on the diploma that read’s “We expect more development…”

The final hour of training was undertaken by Brian Smith concentrating on Kihon Ippon and later Ju Ippon kumite. Plenty of sweating, flying bodies and punching to be had as you can see from the photo’s.

Finally  the grading, was held and I’d like to congratulate James King from Bembridge dojo and Andy Skerry from Crofton dojo who both successfully completed their Shodan. Well done to them.

All done and dusted we left tired but I hope happy and I look forward to seeing you all on the next B&B course in October.






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