Focus on Kata Class 20 August

Firstly I have to express my gratitude to Sensei Brian Smith 7th dan for leading on last weekends Focus on Kata Class. I enjoyed being there and seeing all those that attended and thank each and everyone of you for that. It is lifting to see such support for SEKU, such dedication to training and willingness to give up your weekend for our art. Oss.

The class took place at the club at Bay House Sports Hall, Stokes Bay in Gosport, dojo of Sensei Richard Lansdale. A different venue for a change but still near Sensei Alan Lewis’ Crofton dojo the birthplace of the focus on Kata class, (or kata focus class as those that emulate us call it).

Ken Lyons 2nd dan, summed the day up on his Facebook page for Machi Dojo quite simply: “A brilliant and spirited session with Sensei Brian Smith. Utterly Brilliant!”

Sensei Smith concentrated on all 5 heian kata’s including bunkai which was great to see especially for those that rarely dip into these waters as instructors never mind junior students. Photos below of the session if your face isn’t among them either next time  attend a course!




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