SEKU Instructor Class, round up and presentations.

The Shotokan Of England Karate Union Instructor Class
Sunday 10th September – Portsmouth

Instruction was by Sensei’s Mick Dewey (8th Dan), Brian Smith (7th Dan) and Stacey Crowe (6th Dan)., according to Ken Lyons’ Facebook post, “it don’t get much better than that.” Thanks Ken.

Paul Moreby was given the task of putting the class members through the initial warm up session. Today was Paul ‘s 71st birthday and it shows the measure of the mans character that he is still training alongside karateka more than a third of his age.  Stacey Crowe then put the class through a gruelling hour , a routine of various stances that included Zenkutsu, Kokutsu, Kiba Dachi, Niko Ashi Dachi and finally Sochin Dachi. Arm techniques were added and finally kicks too. All in all it amounted to a long technically challenging stance-kick-punch, block, strike combination.

Cleverly the stances led the continuing class into the kata Wankan (pronounced ‘one can’ for the benefit of the more mischievous members) in which all said stances appear. Brian Smith provided a fine demonstration of how this kata should be performed and for the next hour our so left the class in no doubt how it should be done putting members through the sequences and timing and rhythm etc. Obviously as with any SEKU Kata covered in such a class some appropriate Bunkai was shown and practiced. The rest is as always up to the individual to create through innovation.

The final class was given over to Sensei Dewey who gave the class a punching routine then asked members the class members to show the prowess of their techniques. he asked them to demonstrate their intent whilst executing a move and its effect – he then demonstrated the attitude needed and its acuracy to target. The conclusion being that attitude played an important part into the effect of a technique as did the need for the use of makiwara.

It was a good class at the end of which there were a number of presentations. Jim King Bembridge SKC was presented with his 1st Dan Diplom


a earned at the last SEKU Black & Brown Belt class. Eden Burrell was presented with a glass vase and engraved plaque for her steadfast attitude to training and dedication to SEKU. Finally it was announced by Sensei that Ken Lyons (Uxbridge Machi Dojo) was to be promoted to 3rd Dan.

Well done and thank you all that made the journey and attended. I look forward to seeing you at the next course and naturally at Novembers Portsmouth Open Tournament.



Ken Lyons attained Sandan (3rd Dan).
Eden Burrell received an award for her loyal support to SEKU over many years.
Adam King from Bembridge KC awarded 1st Dan.







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