Black and Brown Belt Course 8th Oct 2017

First of all apologies for the late arrival but I have to say it isn’t my fault but Ken Lyons’. Having successfully achieved 3rd dan recently, rewarded himself with a cruise on the Med. The result of which he didn’t attend the B/B course and I didn’t get a photo dump reminder on Monday.

Last weekends Black and Brown belt course at the Priory Sports centre was a thoroughly enjoyable event for all that attended. Myself and Sensei Brian Smith took the class focussing on kata, the bunkai and plenty of basics for those in need of a refresher.

Congratulations to Emma Haw (Sho dan – Crofton dojo) and Mike Stilgoe (Ni dan Bembridge dojo) on persevering and passing their grading examinations.


And don’t forget the Portsmouth Open Karate Tournament details below and the next SEKU course will tell you how you can win.





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